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Spartan Sprints are a great starting point to becoming a Spartan. The muddy 5+ Km / 15+ OBSTACLE Sprint is fun for everyone from beginners to seasoned athletes. The shorter Sprint presents plenty for the hardcore Elite to test themselves against while giving new Spartans a good start to their Trifecta!


The Spartan Super obstacle race provides an 13+ Km / 20+ OBSTACLE riddled battlefield of insane terrain combined with obstacles to test your physical strength and mental resolve. The Spartan Super is designed to push you to your limits, show you the strength inside, and lead you across the finish line!


The Beast is a grueling 20+ Km / 25+ OBSTACLE race. Think you know what you are capable of? Then step up to the Beast and get out of your comfort zone. Our 20k+ beast of an obstacle course will bring you face to face with your demons. No excuses, no mercy, no giving up!



Spartan Junior Race is designed to all children ages 4 to 13 years, promoting healthier and more active life. Courses vary between 750m and 2500m, very similar to the adults but … shorter! Do not miss this opportunity to grow a little Spartan!


Beyond the mileage of the Spartan Race Trifecta stands the Hurricane Heat, or HH. As a team-based event designed to push racers to greater personal distances, you quickly learn the value and true meaning of having mutual objectives through teamwork. You also see the connection between teamwork and success and one drives the other on both a personal level and as a member of something greater than yourself.


No longer just an add on to the Spartan Beast, the Ultra is a distinctly new Spartan Race experience. The Ultra upgrades the Ultra Beast to an exciting and challenging format of 30mi / 50km, featuring unique course elements and obstacles. It’s also highly elusive – in 2018 there are a very few Ultras in the world, and even fewer entry places.